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Dexter Lewis Miller
Surf Instructor & Tour Guide, 30

 My name is Dexter, and I was born and raised in Puerto Viejo de Limon. Growing up along the Caribbean coast line, I've been hanging out at the beach and exploring the jungle since I can remember. At age 11, I started surfing with the influence of my friends. At this age, surfing was prohibited by my mother. Back in the day, older people used to say surfing is only for weed smokers and "vagos" (someone that is lazy and doesn't like to work) haha. 

At that point, I really loved surfing and wanted to become a professional surfer and get big waves and barrels like some of the older guys that were already surfing and one friend who was sponsored for surfing. As I became older, my mom started to accept surfing, slowly. I started competing at 13 and traveled to some of the best waves in Costa Rica. Although, we have the most powerful, scary, big waves at Salsa Brava (spice sauce) here in Puerto Viejo. 

Why Lewis BrotherSurfing...

After my older brother passed away in 2017, I was going through some difficulties. I was thinking that maybe he would be proud of me for starting my own business, doing what I love, but also because I will bring him along with me always and that's what inspired me to call my business Lewis BrotherSurfing.

What the name means: My mom, my brother and myself that were accepted in this town by our friends and surfing because it is what I do and I love and want to share. 

After my first surf instructor experience I kept teaching and sharing with people this amazing sport and feeling, because it really makes me happy to see the smiles and expressions on people faces. It feels good knowing that it could help their day and their mood. 

Now, 13 years later, I am a surf instructor and a certified tour guide. Not only is teaching surf important, but learning about water safety and understanding the energy of the ocean are most important. 

Puerto Viejo de Limon, Costa Rica

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